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Premium Lens Implants

Premium Lens Implants in Hoffman Estates, IL

Intraocular lenses (IOL) come in a variety of materials and designs. Our eye doctors generally choose a lens made of a material that is best suited to your individual vision need. Millions of cataract surgeries are performed annually in order to provide patients with clearer vision, better color contrast, and ultimately enhance their lives.

All intraocular lenses used at Sullivan Ostoich Eye Center include UV filters. Some intraocular lenses are designed to be multifocal in certain lighting circumstances, which may enable patients to see both at distance and near without the need for glasses.

Sullivan Ostoich Eye Center in Hoffman Estates, IL offers the following kinds of premium intraocular lenses:


PanOptix IOL

The most recently approved premium IOL is the PanOptix IOL. The PanOptix is designed to correct distance vision, newspaper reading and middle distance without the need for glasses. However, some reading eyeglasses may be necessary for ‘medicine bottle’ size tiny print. In addition, the PanOptix IOL has a Toric version which corrects for astigmatism, enabling many patients to enjoy the benefits of IOL.

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The Toric IOL is designed to correct astigmatism. If a patient has a cornea shaped like the side of a football (as opposed to like a baseball), the standard IOL will not be able to correct the vision totally and the patient may need to wear glasses after cataract surgery. The Toric IOL corrects this condition and the patients only need readers after surgery.

Discuss your options with the eye doctor during your surgical consult.