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The Advantages of LASIK


Why is this Laser Surgery So Popular?

LASIK was approved by the FDA in the mid-1990s, and it has continued to rise in popularity ever since. By 2006, the American Academy of Ophthalmology completed a 10-year study and concluded that LASIK eye surgery was both effective and safe. At this point, millions of people have had LASIK performed in order to remove their eyeglasses and contact lenses forever, and clinical data supports the fact that LASIK results are mainly positive and successful. As many sports stars and fashionable celebs rave about their LASIK experiences to the public, it has became even more trendy.

At Sullivan Ostoich Eye Center, we offer full pre-operative consultations and post-operative eye care for LASIK. We’re here to answer all your questions about LASIK, determine your candidacy and explain the many advantages of this amazing, popular laser surgery. For more information, contact us in our Hoffman Estates clinic, serving the surrounding Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

What does LASIK correct?

LASIK can effectively resolve myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism.

How is LASIK performed?

This eye surgery begins by using a laser to make a thin corneal flap, which is laid back. Your surgeon then reshapes the revealed inner part of the cornea with a laser, removing the necessary amount of corneal tissue – as related to your personal visual requirements. After this part of the procedure, the flap is replaced in position and eye drops are inserted.eye-surgery-hoffman-estates-il

What is the attraction of LASIK?

Simply put, people are excited about the opportunity to see clearly without eyewear. Along with this motivation, the most attractive features and advantages of LASIK include:

  • Immediate Results: LASIK is done by reshaping your cornea beneath a thin corneal flap. This flap allows your corneal surface to remain intact, which lets you see well and comfortably as soon as the next day – without wearing glasses or contacts. Many patients report improvement as soon as they sit up from the surgery.
  • Quick and safe: LASIK is typically completed within 10-15 minutes
  • New activities and career options: specific careers, such as the Navy and Air Force, require candidates with proper vision. In addition, activities such as cycling, swimming and skydiving are much easier to do without corrective eyewear.
  • Painless: very little discomfort is usually experienced with LASIK
  • Rapid recovery: no stitches or bandages are generally required, and healing is fast – as only the inner part of the cornea was affected
  • Future adjustments: if your vision changes again after LASIK was performed, adjustments can be made years laterAppointment Lasik

In addition to all of the above advantages, a number of unexpected fringe benefits have also been reported by patients who had LASIK. For example, many individuals are pleased to enjoy sharp peripheral vision for the first time, as their eyeglasses never helped when looking sideways. Other people claim that their allergy symptoms were reduced, with less sinus pain caused by eyeglasses resting on their nose.

Everyone is a unique individual with different eyes – and the particular benefits of LASIK vary from person to person, yet the advantages are clear across the board! If you’re interested in LASIK, it’s important to choose an expert, qualified surgeon and to be assessed for appropriate candidacy for the procedure. Our optometrists are experienced in performing eye exams to determine who is a good candidate for LASIK. Contact us in our Hoffman Estates, IL, office to schedule an appointment!