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An Actual Experience By Gail Tomal

Two of my children have been using the ortho-k lenses for over a year. My older daughter first tried hard lenses and she just couldn’t get used to them. She was comfortable wearing soft lenses, but her vision worsened. The ortho-k lenses have kept her vision stable, she has no trouble wearing them at night and she can swim, play tennis and be active without worrying about her contacts. My younger daughter had never worn contacts of any kind before, but she adjusted to the ortho-k lenses with no problem. I have recommended them to several friends with active kids!

Lauren C.

I have used Ortho-K lenses for over 8 years, and I truly cannot state enough how happy I am with my vision. These lenses are incredible for my active schedule, as it allows for me to not have to worry about wearing contacts or glasses during the day. The process is so efficient and easy, and I can see everything in perfect vision. Thank you to Dr. Klesken and the entire Sullivan-Ostoich Eye Center office – I am so grateful for all of the support and all that the Ortho-K lenses have done for my eyesight!

Sammy B.

I have been using Ortho-K contact lenses for about 2 1/2 years, and I love them. They are easy to use. At night, I put them in before bed, take them out in the morning, and the next day my vision is 20/20 all day long. They are easy to take along with you when traveling. When I am active, I dont have to worry about clumsy glasses anymore. I would recommend Ortho-K to anyone that is active and doesnt want to wear glasses.

Susan H.

The eye center is great! Both of my kids got CRT lenses here and their eyes are both 20/20 now. My daughter’s eyes were very bad before the treatment. Doctor Klesken told me if we delay a little longer she might not be able to do it. I am so glad we got it before it’s too late! Also, they dont need to wear anything during the day which is great. I don’t need to worry about them losing the lenses. I highly recommend the CRT treatment in this eye center!.