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Pamela R.

This is the only optometrist anyone should choose for their eye care! For nearly 6 years other physicians and opthamologists told me the problem with my eyes was seasonal allergies, or contaminated makeup, or blepharitis, or allergy to contact lens solution, or poor eye hygiene, or low Omega 3 levels. I had been treated with steroid drops, allergy drops, creams, ointments, wet compresses, lid scrubs, etc etc. Today I met with Dr. Brent Ostoich and he diagnosed me with being allergic to the material in my soft contact lenses which is apparently a very frequently mis-diagnoses and incorrectly remedied problem. With the new product, I will be able to wear one pair of contact lenses for a year, wear makeup again, and my vision will clear as my eyes are comfortable again. I thought my prescription had changed but it was yet another consequence of the lens material. He's great, smart, thorough, takes time to explain his recommendations, and has a staff that is excellent. I also bought a pair of new glasses through their optical shop that look great. This is my new and last optometrist :)